Yardbirds sculptures were first created over a decade ago by a father and son team. The birds are still hand-crafted in the U.S. and the flock has increased from one to over one hundred. The birds, critters, dogs and cats are made from recycled materials; scrap and rejected garden tools, farm machinery, bicycle and auto parts. Buying a Yardbird reduces solid waste destined for a landfill. If everyone bought two or three, we could save the earth! Seriously, so far over 2 million pounds of scrap has been recycled into these lovable critters. Each critter has its own personality. No two are exactly alike. Whether it's a turn of the head, the placement of the eyes, or the variation in the hand painted finish, each one has a delightful disposition all its own.

Jenn Bell Enamels

Jenn's designs are glass on copper, which means that the glass, ground finer than sugar, is sifted onto a copper plate. Then it's placed in a small electric kiln. The drawings on the copper are made from copper wire. They sink into the first layer of glass and get filled with a different color. This painstaking process results in amazing variations of color and texture in each piece.

Pequea Valley Forge

Pequea Valley Forge has been producing finely crafted recycled steel items for over ten years. Pequea Valley Forge is dedicated to high quality work with attention to craftsmanship, form and function. Agora carries a variety of items including candleholders, kitchen tools, and home accessories.Each piece is hand-forged as unique as a fingerprint. Vist the website at www.pequeavalleyforge.com/.