Allamakee Woodfired Pottery

Nate and Hallie Evans look to folk traditions from the United States and all over the world for inspiration, but strive to create affordable, well-made pottery that is uniquely Midwestern. Many of the clays and glaze materials are indigenous to the region and have not been commercially refined. This not only gives the pots a character all their own, but also a sense of place.

Joe Christensen

Joe Christensen is a nationally recognized potter who throws large vessels and creates dynamic wall sculptures. His work is frequently carved and is all soda fired in a huge kiln. When Joe isn’t creating beautiful pottery, he paints abstract, contemporary pieces using acrylic on canvas. Joe is assisted in the studio by Brian Legasse.

Eric Holey

Artist statement: "In stoneware clay, I have found a magical connection between what my eyes have seen, what my mind can imagine, and what my hands can shape. This connection to the ancient and modern art of ceramics has transformed my life. Throwing on the wheel has given me a profound sense of joy in the creation of a functional vessel which invites frequent use and constant enjoyment. All of my pottery is wheel thrown and fired in an electric kiln with attention to line and purpose. Using combinations of food safe glazes I strive to give my pots a depth of color which complement the form and which draws on the rich palate of color we see in the world around us. Each pot is unique and is meant to be enjoyed on a daily basis, in a kitchen, as a serving piece at a meal or filled with flowers adding color and vibrancy to any room. Live centered!!!" Eric is a graduate of Luther College and currently lives in Wisconsin.

Liz Kinder Ceramics

Liz Kinder's quick wit and quirky sense of humor are somehow transformed into the whimsical swirls, large dots, interesting shapes and unexpected colors of her pottery, making her one of our galleries most popular ceramic artists.

The Potters

Stephen and Karen have been working well together for over 20 years now; Stephen showing his creativity as designer, and Karen handling the production. They have always worked hard to produce affordable and usable pieces, the kind of work that people will want to use every day; that makes every day a little brighter. The Potters features colanders, utility jars, egg separators, itty bitty mixing bowls, salt & pepper birds for the kitchen; and piggy banks, labeled mugs, bird jars, and plaques for gifting.