The whimsical style of Sticks hand crafted furniture has made this Iowa based art business an international phenomenon. Agora Arts has proudly carried Sticks furniture for over 10 years. Select from a wide variety of mirrors, tables, lamps, recipe boxes and more. Or order a custom piece made just for you that will quickly become a family heirloom. Sticks mirrors make great graduation or wedding gifts. Visit Sticks’s website at

Dust Furniture

Dust Furniture is a collection of studio furniture from craft artist Vincent Thomas Leman. All of Dust's furniture is skillfully handcrafted by Vincent and Jessie Leman in their studio in Indiana.

Vincent's work has been described as 'abstract traditional furniture.' Each piece is essentially a traditional piece of furniture that is stretched, curved, stacked and stepped to fit his design intentions. While wood is the material employed to make his furniture, Vincent considers his actual medium to be 'traditional furniture.' The classical root of each piece helps maintain its identity as furniture and keeps the work familiar and approachable despite the unusual shapes.

Bella Luz Designs with Light

Bella Luz Designs with Light is a line of unusual lighting products designed by Joline El-Hai, a Seattle-based artist. The imagery in Bella Luz line can be seen as whimsical little snippets of magical dream-like stories. The inspiration for her work stems from Joline's love of color and light and her background in glass painting.