Agora carries the largest and best selection of quality handcrafted jewelry for miles! We carry over 75 American jewelers' work in silver, gold, bronze, aluminum, titanium, chrome, brass, wood, paper, stone, seeds, beads, and more in a price range to fit every budget.


This collection of timeless hand painted signed and numbered watches was created by artist Milieris in his New York City studio. The watches come in recycled metals or Silver. No two timepieces are ever identical as each face is painted by hand. All come with a one year limited warranty.

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Alexis Bittar Jewelry

lexis Bittar is one of the best-known American craft jewelry artists in the country. His collectible, highly sought after lucite line of accessories includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, and rings. Each piece is individually hand carved, then hand painted and gilded. This second process creates the unique luminescent glow of color and light.

Adajio Jewelry

This affordable and ever-changing line of colorful earrings is one of our best selling lines of jewelry. Custom designed and etched designs are all made in the USA..

Sergio Lub

Sergio Lub bracelets are made from the finest metals available; 99.99% pure copper, jewelers brass, and German Silver. Bracelets are easy to wear, and come in a variety of sizes. Prices range from $15 to $50.

Holly Yashi

Holly and her creative team craft new designs every day and currently maintain a portfolio of over 1,000 styles. Through an expedited oxidation process, niobium is dipped into an electrically-charged water bath which turns the metal into hues of rich, permanent color. The beautiful result is a look that has become the signature style of Holly Yashi for thirty years. Niobium is used not only for its ability to be hand-colored into radiant hues, but also for its light-weight wearability, environmentally-clean workability, and a hypo-allergenic quality so trustworthy it is often used in surgical implants.

Rebecca McNerney Jewelry

Rebecca's work focuses on the textural differences between silver & the pearls & gemstones that she uses. She combines smooth pearls with textured & oxidized metal. The silver beads, slides, clasps, and chain links are designed in wax, and then cast in sterling silver. All of the designs are very simple, and focus on the intrinsic beauty of the materials.

Jen Burrall Jewelry

Jen's work attracts the attention of jewelry collectors nationwide. Her earthy, elegant designs are constructed with the utmost care to craftsmanship and detail. She always uses recycled metal, fair trade and conflict free gemstones.